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Defiant - full track
We are excited to share SAJJAD's new single in over a year! Defiant is a bold new song with new sounds. Certainly a change of direction for the selective musician. Enjoy!

SAJJAD Live @ ZMR Award Show, New Orleans
A hand-held camera capture of SAJJAD and his ensemble performing Eternity Falls from his album 'Where I Belong' with Meagan Ballantyne. Thank you Tunazzina Abedin for the video.

Stronger This Time Video
We made a little video for those that love to listen to music on Youtube. Enjoy!

The Only World I Have (Live Performance)
SAJJAD composed this piece exclusively for his first concert appearance.

Exclusive Release!
An exclusive release from SAJJAD! Listen to this soulful piano only version of "Stay With Me" from the album 'Where I Belong'.

New Video Release!
Watch the video to SAJJAD's song 'In My Spirit'.

SAJJAD believes that each human being has it in his or her spirit to fight any challenge and achieve anything.

"Whether rich or poor, resourceful or limited, all of us desire a good life. Yet, we are in constant struggle with life to get what we want. In this battle, no matter what the outcome may be, my soul will persevere." - SAJJAD

Concert Promo Video
Here is a sneak peek at SAJJAD's Live Concert! Enjoy!

Official Video - Eternity Falls
Official music video of 'Eternity Falls' from SAJJAD's instrumental album "Where I Belong". Get the song now on iTunes at Visit for more details.

Eternity Falls Video - Sneak Preview
Here is a short preview of 'Eternity Falls' from SAJJAD's album "Where I Belong". Full video coming soon.

SAJJAD - Keyboards
Amely Zhou - Erhu
John Jamieson - Keyboard
Meagan Ballantyne - Cello
Directed by Stephen Mekhail

"In My Spirit" in video format
Listen to "In My Spirit" on Youtube!

SAJJAD The Documentary IV: Where I Belong (part4)
Watch the final part in the documentary of "Making of Where I Belong". Listen to what advise SAJJAD and his musicians have for aspiring musicians.

SAJJAD The Documentary III: Where I Belong (part3)
Here is a new interview with Contemporary Instrumental composer SAJJAD on collaborating with award-winning artists on his debut album WHERE I BELONG.

SAJJAD The Documentary II: Where I Belong (part2)
Watch the second part of SAJJAD The Documentary: Where I Belong! SAJJAD speaks of his background, his debut instrumental album, and introduces his co-producer John Jamieson.

SAJJAD The Documentary I: Where I Belong (part1)
Meet award-winning photographer, Tina King. Hailing from the Durham Region in Ontario, Canada, Tina produced the stunning visuals to SAJJAD's instrumental album "Where I Belong". Her uncanny ability to capture moments of life in photo, often without life knowing so, elevates her to the ranks of the most sought after photographers in the industry.

New! Debut Album Promo Video
Music was meant to do what man alone could not: bring every nation closer to every people. SAJJAD makes use of live musical instruments from around the world to deliver soulful music on his new album "Where I Belong". Not to be confused with instrumental fusion, this album brings ethnic and western instruments together as they were meant to be and without effort.

Far Away Promo Video
Listen to the romantic opening minute of the song "Far Away" from SAJJAD's soon to arrive album "Where I Belong". The song is a tribute to the endurance one must show through a long distance relationship. Separated by time and unending oceans, loved ones stand apart hoping and waiting to come to together some day. We wait for deliverance, no matter how far away from us.